The Session Experience


Documentary means there is no posing!  Your kids will just be themselves and do what they love to do.  

My goal is to capture real moments that happen naturally.  Your children will go about their normal routine at home or a favorite place.  I do not pose or direct them, but you may find me playing with them and having lots of fun.  I'm focused on getting beautiful, candid images of your children that represent their unique personality and who they are at this time in your lives.  

For newborns and younger babies I like to document feeding, naps, baths and time spent in the arms of their loving parents.  

Before our session we will chat about what a typical day looks like for you, what your children are up to and what activities they love.  We will come up with some ideas, but I do like to keep it all loose and spontaneous!







Check out the FAQ's below for more information and common questions ...





DOES THIS HAVE TO BE AT HOME?  My house is not photo-worthy.

One of the hesitations I hear from families considering an at-home session is they don't think their home is nice enough for photos.  This is not important to my style of photography at all!  I don't need much to work with, my images are tight and the background just falls out of focus, I promise.  I love documenting kid's everyday routines at home and I think you'll love to have images that allow you to look back on this time in your lives.  Plus kids are SO much more relaxed at home in their normal environment. 

With that said, if we decide on a location outside of the home, let's go to a favorite place.



Please resist the urge to dress any differently as you normally would on any given day.  Better yet, let the kids pick out their own outfits and we can admire their creativity.


do you shoot in color?

I will work in color occasionally, but usually my images are black and white, grainy and nostalgic.












This doesn't have to be about the whole family, but it can if you want it to!  I can keep my focus to the kids only or I can document the whole family spending time together.  This could also be a mommy & me session, or a playdate session shared with a friend.       


will you take posed photos of us, looking at the camera? 

I'm always happy to take a few camera-aware portraits, but if you are looking for a lot of these, I’m not the right photographer for you.  I’m more interested in spontaneous moments.  


do you travel?

YES.  If you are not in the Los Angeles area but do wish to set up a session, please let me know.