The Session Experience


I photograph your child at home as you all go about your day.  I want to beautifully illuminate what is already there in your daily lives, not create something that didn’t exist.  I believe images showing your unique family in your unique reality are so more valuable than pictures taken in pretty locations you don’t normally visit wearing pretty clothes you don’t normally wear.  

I work in black and white as it helps me create timeless, fine art images.  I'm able to eliminate distracting colors and highlight emotion, shape and light.  I believe a black and white image is more versatile for display in your home - it will coordinate well with any colors and furnishings.  I love to create artwork you’ll be proud to feature on your walls and shelves and I do believe there is more value in a printed photograph than a digital one. 


Every single session is different … but here is my general approach to different age groups:


newborns and babies

For newborn infants, I look for a quiet, cozy spot for you to simply hold them.  I focus in quite tightly on their little faces and features.  I capture those quiet cuddles that are so special in the first few weeks.  You will not find me posing your baby in an array of containers, with props and costumes.  I like to capture genuine moments.  For older babies, I really enjoy working in a documentary style to artfully capture your baby’s bathtime, feeding and nap time.  



I spend time playing with toddlers before taking a single photo, to gain trust and discover their personalities.  I love to document them engaged in their favorite activities.  I do gently encourage a portrait or two when your child is looking my way, but I do not force it.  Posing a spirited toddler is nearly impossible and I prefer to follow their lead around the house.  You might find me acting silly, playing peekaboo, and just having a ball with your kiddos.  These sessions are very spontaneous and child directed.  


school age children

This is a great age for an outing or activity to keep the children engaged.  Perhaps an art or cooking project at home, a favorite game, an afternoon at the beach, a favorite store, etc, I capture candid images, occasionally asking them to look at me for a few portraits.  



what if my house is a mess?

Its just not realistic that your house is perfectly clean, staged and coordinated.  I have worked in many different homes.  I minimize distracting elements by using shallow depth of field and cropping in tight.  Most of the background is blurred in my indoor images.  My experience as a documentary wedding photographer helps me to make creative lighting decisions on the fly so I can take beautiful images in any scenario.  


do you shoot in color?

I will work in color from time to time if requested and if the setting inspires, but normally the images are black and white, grainy and rich.



do you travel?

YES.  All the time.  My husband and I photograph weddings and are constantly on the move with our little toddler in tow.  If you are not in the Bay Area but do wish to set up a session, please let me know.  I just might be traveling your way.  

what if we really want to take photos outside of the home?

Not a problem.  I’m happy to help select a place that will be meaningful to your family. 


will you take posed photos of us, looking at the camera? 

I do ask my subjects to look at the camera occasionally throughout the session.  But if you are looking for a lot of these, I’m not the right photographer for you.  My approach is much more spontaneous and I’m more interested in unprompted smiles.