The Session Experience

Documentary means there is no posing!  Your kids will just be themselves and do what they love to do.  

No need to clear your schedule, buy new outfits or deep clean the house.  I'm focused on getting natural, candid images of your children that represent their unique personality and this time in your lives together.

I have an intuitive, relaxed approach and I prefer to let children lead. I spend time playing, observing and capturing real moments as they happen.   

For newborns and younger babies I like to document feedings, naps, baths and time simply being held by their parents.  

Before our session we will chat about what a typical day looks like and decide when is best for me to visit.  We can plan some activities but I do like to keep it loose and spontaneous!


Check out the FAQ's below for more information and common questions ...





DOES THIS HAVE TO BE AT HOME?  My house is not photo-worthy.

What your house looks like is not important to my style of photography at all! I don't need much to work with, my images are tight and the background just falls out of focus, I promise. 

I love capturing children during everyday routines at home and I think you'll love to have images that allow you to look back on this time in your lives.  Kids are SO much more relaxed at home in their familiar space. 

With that all said, I’m happy to work at another location if preferred. For older children it is always fun to get out in nature and explore!















I can keep my focus on the kids only or I can document the whole family spending time together.  .        


will you take posed Family portraits of us? 

If requested, we can set aside time to take lightly posed portraits for a wall frame or holiday card. Generally its best to start out with these images and then just play.


do you travel?

YES.  If you are not in the Los Angeles area but do wish to set up a session, please let me know.