belting it out

elisabeth_millay_childrens_photographer_020 copy.jpg

sweet little Blythe

Hannah, Thomas and Nicholas exploring Bluff Cove after school.

day 1


Pancakes before sunrise.  This family had me over to document their early Sunday morning routine.

This beautiful family recently welcomed twins.  I captured an evening at their home in Napa.

A note from mom - "I have to tell you I was in tears going through them! I feel so lucky to have these photos to remember this time, you really captured our typical day and I love it!"


little Tuck at home with his parents

"I can't stop looking at them and will cherish them forever. I can't think of any photos more dear to me."

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Every summer, our extended family and friends return to spend time in Quonochontaug, RI.  Its a special place for many of us and for each new generation.  

Lucy and her baby brother Benjamin .. a weekend morning at home.

premature twins Emmy and Abby


Katherine, Julia & Hannah playing at home in Cole Valley

"I am smiling ear to ear looking at these pictures, they are wonderful! You captured so many fixtures in our daily life. Just ... perfect. Thank you thank you"

little Olivia, a morning at home

Sofi and Jorge

an afternoon with Claire