what will we wear?

I recommend to keep this casual and simple. No need to over stylize your wardrobe. There are a few guidelines I will send over as well as some helpful tips for preparing for the session.


what if my child isn’t cooperating?!

No worries. Especially with toddlers. Its normal, and Its my job to artfully photograph them. Your toddler doesn’t feel like wearing pants? No problem. Your toddler wants to wear a dress that clashes with everything? No big deal, its mostly black and white anyway, problem solved. Your child is throwing a tantrum? Relax, we’ve all been there and I am more than happy to patiently ride it out. All of these scenarios have happened and photos from these sessions even appear in my portfolio!


what if my house is a mess?!

So is mine. This is parenthood. I honestly don’t need much to work with and have worked in many different homes. Using shallow depth of field I’m able to blur most of the background. Many times the background just falls away into shadow or it is cropped out of the frame as I shoot a lot of closeup images. Generally I find well lit places by windows and doorways, and the rest is all faded out.


do you shoot in color?!

I will take color images from time to time if requested and if the setting inspires, but normally the images are black and white, grainy and rich.


do you travel?!

YES. All the time. My husband and I photograph weddings and are constantly on the move with our little Whitney in tow. If you are not in the Sonoma County / Bay Area but do wish to set up a session, please let me know. I just might be traveling your way. And if I’m not, we can come up with some ideas to make something happen.

what if we really want to take photos outside of the home?

Not a problem. I’m happy to help select a place that will be meaningful to your family. I will you take posed photos of us, looking at the camera? I do ask my subjects to look at the camera occasionally throughout the session, and I do try to get the whole family unit looking at the camera at some point. BUT, if you are looking for a lot of these, I’m not the right photographer for you. My approach is much more spontaneous and I’m more interested in unprompted smiles.