I'm originally from Vermont and fell in love with photography at an early age.  After formal training at the Hallmark Institute of Photography in Massachusetts, I moved to NYC to pursue a photography career.  My husband and I are established wedding photographers focused on candid imagery and documenting real moments.  Our work can be found here

When photographing children, I have an intuitive, relaxed approach.  I do not overly pose or direct as you might find in traditional family photography.  I want to capture images for my clients that feel true to life and bring back memories.  

I enjoy working with young kids because they are genuine and curious by nature.  They are completely unpredictable and keep me on my toes.  Getting a glimpse of who they are and capturing it for their parents is very rewarding.     

I moved to California in 2012 and feel at home on the West Coast.  We have a beautiful three year old daughter, Whitney.  When I'm not knee deep in laundry I enjoy acrylic painting, cooking and general mess making.